Our cooperage belongs to a long tradition of craftsmanship. We are very proud to count a large number of Master coopers among our team. Their experience, their expertise, the quality and the precision of their work are our promise of consistency, and the hallmarks of our unique style.

We appreciate the vital importance of giving our craftsmen the time to sculpt and finish each and every piece with care, upholding the rich traditions of French coopering.From the extremely rigorous way in which we select our oak to the precision of our toasting process, our work is defined by an uncompromising commitment to quality.
The wood we use is selected with care and left to slowly mature at our timber yard in Marmande, giving our barrels their unique, distinctive style.

Our traditional, oak-fired toasting process guarantees thorough, progressive and consistent thermal decomposition of the wood fibres. We use radiant heat toasting to avoid direct contact with the flames. This allows us to reach higher temperatures without compromising the integrity of the wood, providing optimal conditions for the fruit to express itself.

Our goal is to provide an aromatic foundation which elevates and enhances the identity of your wine thanks to the wide array of subtle, complex aromas.