This barrel is designed to enhance the density of your wines and concentrate their aromas, limiting redox potential for a richer sensory experience.

For red wines, dark berry flavours are brought to the forefront, with hints of spices, pepper and even a dash of licorice.
For white wines, it highlights the fruit, preserves its freshness, brings a nice volume.

These aromas are all flavour enhancers which add depth and nuance to the fruit without overwhelming or weighing it down.

A blend of different grains, selected from plots of forest prized for their superior aromatic potential,
Matured in our open air timber yard for 18-20 months.

Standard-bearer for our unique expertise, the “Expression“ barrel creates a sensation of volume and fullness on the palate, while remaining supple and well-rounded.

For red wines, its aromatic profile is an elegant yet indulgent blend of red fruits, vanilla and sweet spices, infusing your wines with a subtle woodiness and wonderful complexity.
For white wines, the “Expression“ barrel will emphasize fruit, bringing freshness and a nice minerality.

Premium quality oak from high forests,
Matured in our open air timber yard for 20-24 months,
A blend of woods from forestry resources exclusive to our cooperage,
A unique toasting profile, combining oak fire toasting and toasting by heat radiation.

This barrel is shaped using a combination of water and steam for unbeatable elegance and finesse, then flame toasted for depth and power.

Two complementary toasting methods combined to enhance the fruity profile and unique character of your wine, while adding a generous dose of tension and minerality.

Limited edition,
A blend of grains selected for their finesse,
Matured in our open air timber yard for 30-36 months.

Our present staves offering is quite exclusive. We only work with French oak staves that have been naturally seasoned in the open air for 36 months.Our ambition is to offer a range of products that provide a harmonious, balanced oaky base upon which your wine will express its qualities.

Depending on your maturing objectives,
we offer 3 different products that reflect 3 separate toasting methods:

Roundness, smoothness and balance on the palate 
This toast has an impact on the flesh and volume on the palate.
The aromatic impact is moderate, highlighting the purity of the fruit.

Structure and aromatic complexity
This toast adds a chewy dimension, along with fullness, and above all, length. The oak is elegant with notes of toast, vanilla, spices and menthol.

Powerful and sweet
This toast enriches the wine’s tannins, providing a very unctuous, rounded sensation. In aromatic terms it brings notes of caramel and mocha.